In the blink of an eye, we’ll be saying goodbye to another year. With the holidays upon us, days seem to go by faster than ever, leaving you with a lot less time on your hands than you’d hoped.If you’ve been procrastinating, this is the time to check things off your to do list.

Here are some things to do before the year ends

1. Get your health in order

It’s an easy thing to put off. Even more so if you’re taking care of others and have limited time for yourself. But this is one area where it’s not OK to push things off. Go for check-up,whatever you’ve been putting off… just get it done.

2. Get Your Finances In Order

Don’t let the excitement of the holiday season (and end of year sales) railroad your finance.Too often people get caught up at this time of year, buying all kinds of things both the ones they need and don’t, but that’s such an awful way to start the new year.

3.Make the people who fuel you feel special

You know the people that matter most to you. Chances are they know they matter to you too. Nonetheless, it’s important to take time to really honor those special relationships with family and friends. You’ll end up getting just as much out of the gesture as they will.

4. Take a look back

Did you achieve what you wanted for the year? If not, figure out what held you back and how to prevent it from happening again.

5.Reconnect with yourself

It could be as simple as carving out time you didn’t think you had to do something you love. For instance, staying in bed one day to read a good book or watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see. Or, it could be more involved like hiring a coach to keep you on track with all you want to accomplish.

6.Set goals for next year

Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to set goals. In the next few weeks, while you have a quiet moment, consider what you want to accomplish and how you will get things done in the new year. You’ll go into next year with a sense of calm, having a clear vision for yourself.

If you’re like most people, you’re wondering how it’s already the end of another year. Time is our most precious commodity. Sadly, that doesn’t mean we manage it as well as we should. You give a fair share of yourself to your friends, family and work. But don’t forget about yourself or put off your own needs. You have to make time for YOU. There will be so much more of you to go around when you’re feeling your best!



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