At some point in our lives, we have been weighed down by headaches. The pain we feel from our head or upper neck region of our body, slowly increases to become sharp, squeezing, intense or even throbbing painful sensation. 

Headaches can affect anyone, young and old, rich or poor. Certain headaches start & stop on their own without medications but others need serious attention.

Clinical Assistant Professor Rachel Nall MSN, CRNA quoted in her work that severe headaches do not always cause harm, but they might be a symptom of a life-threatening condition. With early diagnosis, however, a doctor can treat the underlying cause to reduce the likelihood of complications. Serious attention should be given to these headaches & symptoms if and when they occur.

  1. Headache with Redness of the Eye & Seeing Round Shapes around Lights could be a sign of glaucoma, an eye infection which usually damages the optic nerve and may snowball into blindness if timely treatment is not carried out.
  2. Headache with Weakness on One Side of the Body and Difficulty in Speaking could mean a stroke is on its way. Sudden drowsiness, visual changes and one-sided paralysis of the face are other symptoms that may accompany a headache to cause a stroke.
  3. A Headache That Comes with High Fever and Seizures may just indicate meningitis, a health condition caused by membrane swelling around the brain and the spinal cord. If a headache is experienced with a stiff neck, emergency medical care should be given.
  4. Severe Headache That Comes Suddenly is a dangerous symptom that should not be ignored even if it starts to feel better after a short interval. Also known as the thunderclap headache, it may be an indication that there is bleeding in the brain. It comes unexpectedly and becomes serious within a minute.
  5. A Headache after a Head Injury. A minor fall or a blow to the head can result in a life –threatening brain injury. The headache may start days after the injury and continue to get worse, this is why scans are recommended by many health practitioners to rule out injury to the brain.
  6. A New or Unusual Headache. if you experience a headache that you have never had before, and you feel weak everywhere, affecting your muscle control or speech. You need to be cautious and seek medical help immediately especially if you are over 50years old.

Do not ignore any headache or wave it off as ordinary, use  Forpain and if after 4 days symptoms persist, please immediately seek medical help . #NoDownMoment


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