The human immune system is the powerhouse that shields us from all manner of harmful invaders like sickness, infections & diseases. How fortified your immune system is dependent on how secured from or open to viral infection you are.

The exact description of the immune system is a complex array of cells, tissues, organs, and the substances they make that helps the body fight infections and other diseases.

That said how then can you foster a rigid immune system against infections and diseases.

  1. What you eat: The meals you eat play an important role on how strong your immune system is, as much as you can it is advisable to consume foods rich in Vitamins and other essential minerals as the body tissues and cells need this nutrient as fuel to fortify themselves against invaders. Cut down on junky meals and oily meals. Try out swapping with some more fruits and vegetables

  2. Rest the body: This is also an interesting aspect to look into when geared at improving your immune system. Most people work tirelessly without paying attention to taking breaks or getting quality rests . The effect of not having enough rest will result in slow regeneration of your cells and if they are not renewed at the time you are resting you will be open to invaders and they won’t be fit enough to withstand them.

  3. Engage your body: This is also known as exercises, that is, putting the muscles of the body to better use and in shape. The pandemic has caused several gym houses to reduce and or restrict admitting users while others having adjusted to this have resorted to doing home exercises or jogging in the mornings and evenings. Some of the exercises you can do at home include flanks, push ups, get-up squat, walking lunge etc.

  4. Be proactive: This entails you not overlooking any changes you notice in your body be it body pains, a feverish feeling, cold or headaches. Whenever you feel headaches, fever or body pains Forpain . It is important you don’t overlook simple signals coming from your body so they don’t worsen.

In Conclusion, your body should be your number 1 priority to maintain and keep in shape.



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