Just like the start of every New Year, we had aspirations and goals we had set to achieve. The coronavirus pandemic however, pressed pause to our finely laid out plans. We are faced with either crying over spilt milk which is of no use or we attempt to rise above it and overcome the hurdle by adapting to the unexpected.  Productivity is the state of being able to create, particularly at a high quality and quick speed. This has been greatly hindered by the pandemic and its attendant restrictions. It is quite a challenge to remain productive in these times; we can only try our best to remain relevant and productive in the face of fear, restriction of movement and spiking unemployment figures.

Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Vice President of Equitable growth, finance & institutions at the World Bank in a recent Global Productivity report shares that “the COVID -19 will only further slow productivity growth due to factors including lower investment, consequences owing to higher levels of unemployment and loss of schooling, and a retreat from global trade”

We really need to actively search for ways and methods to overcome the difficulties posed by the Covid -19 restrictions. Let’s look at a few guides to help our productivity while we sail through the tides of the coronavirus' global activities.  

  • Physical Activity: exercise has proven countless times to reduce stress, combat fatigue and enhance productivity level. If it is difficult to join a gym or take up a sport because of the pandemic, going for jogs or brisk walks can give the same results. Home workouts using online videos for so short a time as 30 minutes a day can leave you refreshed and energized. The endorphins released would make you feel good and help improve your mental health.
  • Create a new routine:  New routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure & organization. According to Northwestern Medicine “Many people who don’t have any type of routine suffer from stress, poor sleep, poor eating habits and ineffective use of time”, these are not good for your health & work output. A great starting point would be to set a consistent sleep – wake cycle.
  • Take a News break: Joseph McGuire, a child psychologist with John Hopkins Medicine explains that “while keeping informed about current events is important, too much attention can cause problems”. For some people, the news may have a negative impact on their psyche which may lead to depression. Restrict your news consumption, stay informed but don’t overdo it.
  • Connect with others: without social interactions, loneliness can impair your work performance. Even if you can’t interact with others in person, pick up the phone & call a friend or family member who can lift your spirits. Schedule video calls with colleagues to brainstorm ideas & socialize with them by seeing a movie or having a games night.

Being productive is not about doing more, but about doing things in an efficient manner. Starting now, invest time in these strategies and make small changes to get more out of your day.  These tips should be included in our everyday plans in order to boost our mental health and productivity until we see an end to this anti – productivity coronavirus.

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