Consistency has to do with putting in continuous effort to achieve certain goals and objectives. To be successful in an aspect of one’s life such as career, business, academics, or relationship there needs to be a deliberate day to day effort put in to achieve the desired success. Consistency does not just occur overnight; it starts with forming consistent habits and learning to live a regimented life.

There are numerous ways to remain consistent in life but below are five (5) ways to achieve and sustain consistency in this New Year.

  1. Set Specific and Realistic Goals
    This involves having a clear idea on what you aspire to achieve in form of targets within a period and listing out things you need to do to meet those goals. For example, business expansion, adding to your qualifications, acquiring a property, etc.
  2. Have a Clear Strategy and Execution Plan
    Once your goals and objectives have been set, you need to carry out feasibility studies on how exactly you want to achieve that goal. This is your blueprint and should be documented to refer to it in future.
  3. Create a Routine and Pattern
    This requires you having laid down activities, breaking them into milestones and creating a schedule or timeline for each activity. Fashion out the way and manner each activity would be carried out. Also, you will need to set reminders to keep tabs with those activities.
  4. Build Your Will Power
    In being consistent you have to be disciplined and strong willed to resist external influences (such as Friends) that could make you go contrary to the set plan. You have to stand your ground, when you make a decision you stand by it.
  5. Create a Source of Motivation
    Coherently following through with your plans could be overwhelming especially if you are just trying to practice consistency for the first time, as such you might be tempted to lax and eventually lapse. At this point you need a motivator it could be a mento or a situation you are trying to change/constant reminder of the bigger picture.

If you have not tried to be consistent in the past, this New Year is the best time to start practicing consistency.

Forpain wishes you a prosperous and productive new year. Stick with Forpain always for consistency and remember, no down moments with Forpain.

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