Christmas in Nigeria is a period of festivity which builds up from mid-December, with decorations on the streets and in offices, some corporate entities depending on the sector they belong to, go on holiday to resume in the New Year, some Nigerians see that as an avenue to travel to their native homes, outside the shores of the country, or have a getaway in a nice local resort with family and loved ones.

Having a sweet Christmas requires you to engage in activities that would make your Christmas worth the memory and make you enjoy the moment no matter how rough or smooth the year has been for you, knowing that it is an event that happens just once in twelve months.

Here are some ways you can make your Christmas worth the memory.

  1. Attend Christmas Carols: In the spirit of the festivity religious organizations, secular organizations, musical and non-musical groups as well as individuals organize carol events to entertain members of their community. A carol event makes you feel Christmas in the air, igniting a nostalgic feeling and enabling you to ease off stress accumulated in the course of the year.
  2. Engage in charity: Look out for the less privileged members of your community or people who due to some reason cannot afford to be merry like you and assist them with the much or little you can. Remember there is fulfillment in touching lives and spreading love.
  3. Friends and Family Rendezvous: Visit old friends and relatives whom you have almost lost touch with, or did not have the opportunity to reach out to throughout the year.
  4. Vacation: If you can afford it, go on vacations and getaway to any location of your choice with your spouse and kids, and make up for the time not spent and attention not given in the course of the year.
  5. Eat Healthily: Avoid overfeeding, if you must drink, drink responsibly. Only the healthy celebrate.
  6. Reconciliation: Christmas is a period of love and not hate, make efforts to bury the hatchet with offenders, mend fences with your victims and rebuild the bridges that you have burnt. Ultimately, reconcile with your maker.
  7. Recollection: Tick the boxes. Make an inventory and audit of your plans and resolution for the outgoing year and make projections as you anticipate the New Year.

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